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Derek Morgan

Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan
6 June 1973

His dedication to serve and protect is fierce and stems from childhood trauma he endured. A community leader thought to be helping Derek out of trouble with the law was sexually abusing him during his adolescent years. His abuse isn't the only thing that makes him so tenacious in cases involving children. Morgan also discovered a slain child close to his own age when he was fifteen that was never claimed by anyone. He felt responsible for the dead boy, having discovered the body, and collected money to bury the boy properly. Derek visits the grave every time he visits home. He continues to show the same kind of care and tenderness around all children to this day.

Never one afraid to speak his mind, he might not readily agree or believe his teammates but Derek always has their backs. He's also shown to have a close family and visits his mother in Chicago every year for her birthday. However, he placates his mother, telling her that he is always safe which is far from the truth with his gusto for the job. Morgan has panicked his team members on occasion with risks he's taken alone at work and was even refused a recommendation from his supervisor on a promotion, being told that he (Derek) has issues trusting his teammates (to back him).

Note: This is a role-playing journal. Mun and Muse over 18.


Name: Derek Morgan
DOB: June 6, 1973
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 205lbs.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single.
Next of Kin: Mom. Two older sisters. Father deceased (1983)
Primary Residence: Quantico, VA
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Agency: Behavioral Analysis Unit, FBI
Title: Senior Supervisory Agent
Skills: Criminal profiler, specialty in obsessional crimes. Black belt in Judo. Self defense instructor. Experience with explosive devices.
Weapons: SIG-Sauer P226 or Glock 17 with tactical illumination attachment, Glock 27 (backup)
Education: Northwestern (Undergraduate and Law Degree)
Work History:
-Chicago Police Dept
-Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
-FBI / ATF Joint Task Unit
-FBI Undercover Operative
-FBI Self Defense Instructor
-FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) Profiler

Personality: Derek Morgan outwardly appears to be a man's man. A co-worker noted once that he's never seen Morgan with the same woman twice to which Derek didn't deny. However, he wasn't macho about it, but placed blame on work taking up most of his time. A female co-worker also called him 'a good guy' which Morgan responded coyly to, prompting her to continue, "You make the people around you feel good." Nonetheless, he makes no qualms about enjoying the company of women and is a notorious flirt.

He's a force to be reckoned with when children are in danger and has, on occasion, gotten ahead of himself in cases involving children. Derek has a very strong hero complex that he would never admit to (as the complex is known for) and has risked his life for complete strangers as well as his teammates. He is prone to getting physical on the job and regularly tackles fleeing suspects to include leaping rooftops and jumping onto a moving train.

Growing up with two older sisters, and being parented by a single mother, his compassion extends to women as well. He respects women although he has been depicted as a Casanova. While he would never strike out against a woman or child, he is wise enough to defend himself in an attack by either. Additionally, being molested as a child has never given him any inclination to repeat the behavior or have any interest in the same sex.

History: He is the youngest of three (two older sisters) with a black father (Chicago PD) and white mother (registered nurse) in a tough Chicago neighborhood. At the tender age of 10, he witnessed his father's death in an effort to stop a robbery. Without a good male role model, Derek turned to the wrong crowd for acceptance during his early adolescence. The poor choice landed him in juvenile detention -a pivotal moment in his life in more ways than one.